Land Recording Information

Land Recording Information

Public Records – The following types of records are recorded and made a public record in Fremont County:

  • Real Property records such as deeds, leases, mortgages and contracts.
  • Subdivision records such as plats, subdivision permits, and covenants.
  • Maps of Surveys which are not subdivisions.
  • Land Survey Corner Records
  • Mining Claims
  • Military Discharge Papers (DD214) (these records have limited access through 2001 and restricted access from 2002 forward).

All records from:

1884 to 1974 are in hard bound books.

January 1975 to September 23, 1988 are on microfilm cards in the clerk’s office and at

September 26, 1988 to December 30, 1994 are on the computer and in computer books.

January 1995 to current documents on the computer.

WARNING!!!!!!  All records are NOT available online.  If you do not see something you believe to be recorded in our office, do NOT assume that it is not recorded.  You will need to come to the County Clerk’s Office, call us at 307-332-2405, or email at for more information.

All records may be researched by coming to the Fremont County courthouse.  If you need a copy of a document (basic search) please click on this form Basic Basic Land Search Document, complete the form, submit to the clerk’s office and we will determine if we can provide you with the information or  that it will be necessary to refer you to a title company.

Documents on the computer (January 1995 to current) may be accessed by internet by clicking on the following link: .  After going to the site read the acknowledgement and click on “I Agree”.  You will then go to the next screen and click on the “public” button.  You may now search and print any documents you may need at no cost to you.  If there is not an image available it will be necessary for you to come to the Fremont County Clerk’s office in Lander to obtain that information.  You must have Adobe Reader (a free download off the internet) to print images.  (Note:  The Fremont County Clerk’s office is unable to troubleshoot any computer/printer problems you may have in accessing this program or printing images.)

Welcome to ArcaSearch for Fremont County’s Digital Records.  Along with the EagleWeb subscription we now have Plats (through July 2009), the old index books, commissioner records and voter abstracts digitized.  Remember:  the daily records such as deeds, mortgages or marriage licenses are searchable only through the EagleWeb subscription.  The ArcaSearch records are free of charge.  Before clicking on the following link, you may wish to print out the instructions that are listed below so that you have them when you enter ArcaSearch.  The link must be opened in Internet Explorer and is:  Plats may also be accessed at  To access our newest project which are the microfilm cards from January 1975 to September 23, 1988 go to:  We hope to have the two sites merged into one in the new future.

Basic ArcaSearch SEARCH information:

Tract Indexes: To look in subdivisions, click on the down arrow next to LAND and choose LOTS.  Under SELECT BOOK find the subdivision town name.  (Note:  “Original Books” are really OLD tract indexes and subdivisions).  Under SUBDIVISION click on PREVIEWS.  If you select SHOW OPTIONS, you get another row of criteria to choose from.  Under PREVIEW MODE, select ROLL OVER BUTTONS and all of the pages will appear in numerical order.  To get Section, Township and Range, select lands and enter the legal that you wish to look through.

Commissioner Records: You can search by name or subject and by year.  Current records will be updated quarterly.  You can find up to date minutes on the Commissioners page of this website.

Voter Abstracts: You can search by election, name and year.  These are the election results.

Making a report: You can save documents that you find on a clipboard for later use.  When you find a document to save, click on ADD TO CLIPBOARD.  You may keep up to 4 on a clipboard.  To see your clipboard, click on SHOW CLIPBOARD to get your full report.  Click on BUILD AND DELIVER CLIPBOARD REPORT.  Click to CREATE REPORT.  All reports will be there for you to save to your computer, jumpdrive or disk.

Requirements for Recording Documents

  • Must be an original document with original signatures. A copy cannot be recorded.
  • All documents must be acknowledged (notarized) in accordance with Wyoming Law.
  • A WYOMING STATEMENT OF CONSIDERATION disclosing the financial information of the transaction must accompany any transfer of land by deed.  Please go to the State of Wyoming’s link download the “Wyoming Statement of Consideration” form and receive instructions on how to complete the form. It’s the buyer’s responsibility to fully complete the Statement which is a confidential document used by the County Assessor to determine market value of all property in the county.
  • Documents must be clearly readable and reproducible.
  • Names must be printed or typed under all signatures except notaries and witnesses.
  • Document type should be in the document title.
By statute we are only a recording office and therefore can not provide forms, perform searches or provide legal advice on any documents you may wish to record or verify that they are “legal”. You may wish to consult a lawyer or a title company when preparing or researching information within land records.

Contact us by email with questions contact us at:

Mailing Address:  FREMONT COUNTY CLERK, 450 NORTH 2ND ST., ROOM 220, LANDER WY  82520
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Document Center

The Document Center provides easy access to public documents. Click on one of the categories below to see related documents or use the search function.

Categories always sorted by seq (sub-categories sorted within each category)
Documents sorted by SEQ in Ascending Order within category

Chapter 29 Lien Forms6 documents

  • Notice to Owner
    document seq 0.00
  • Lien Waiver
    document seq 0.00
  • Notice of Substantial Completion of the Project
    document seq 0.00
  • Notice of Intention to File Lien
    document seq 0.00
  • Lien Statement
    document seq 0.00
  • Notice of Satisfaction of Lien
    document seq 0.00