Planning and Projects

Planning and Projects

Construction Permits:

Current One Percent Projects (Updated 5/30/23):

  • One Percent Project Status and Expenditure Projections 
  • Riverview Cutoff Overlay/Widening - To Be Complete by August 1, 2023  
    • Engineer - APEX/Engineering Associates
    • Contractor - Alexander Excavation Inc
  • Mortimore Lane Reconstruction Phase 1 with Pathway (On Hold)
  • Countywide Gravel Project (In Progress)
  • Riverview Road Asphalt Overlay (Complete)
  • Multiple Location Bridge Replacement (Complete)
  • East Fork Road/Wiggins Fork Bridge Replacement (In Progress)
  • Town of Dubois Horse Creek Road Reconstruction (In Progress)
  • Moneta-Lysite Road Safety Shoulder (Complete)
  • Snow Fence Improvement (On Hold)
  • Tunnel Hill Road Realignment (Complete)
  • Hillcrest Reconstruction & Pathway (On Hold)
  • Blue Shale Road Bridge Replacement with Box Culvert (Complete)
  • Cooper Road Bridge Replacement with Box Culvert (Complete)
  • Ore Road Culvert Replacement with Bridge (Complete)
  • Moneta-Lysite Road Bridge Repairs (Complete)
  • Moneta/Lysite Safety Shoulder (Complete)
  • Willow Creek Slides (Complete)
  • Harris Bridge Replacement (Complete)
  • Paradise Valley Structure ELE Replacement (Complete)
  • Country Acres Reconstruction (Complete) 
  • Hot Mix - Currently working on for the year 2023.
If you have any questions about the County’s One Percent Projects please feel free to Contact Us.

Other Transportation Projects

  • Pavement Striping 2016 (Complete)
  • Cracksealing/Surfacing 2016 (Complete)
  • Gravel East Fork Road (On Hold)
  • Diversion Dam Road Bridge Replacement (Complete)
  • Upper North Fork Road Asphalt Overlay (Complete)
  • Paradise Valley Chip Seal (Summer 2016)
  • Dry Creek Road Re-Alignment/Reconstruction (Complete)
  • Delineator & Striping Project (Complete)
  • Delineator Project 
    • Engineer - Inberg-Miller Engineers