How does a juvenile get in the program?

Talk to your probation officer or call the JDC coordinator at 307-332-1108.

What are the benefits of the program?
  • Can shorten probation
  • Help juveniles do well in school, get jobs, identify and begin new interests and positive goals.
  • help families reduce conflict, restore respect
  • free outpatient treatment
  • free relapse prevention groups and individual and family counseling
  • help finding affordable residential treatment
How long is the program?

It depends. Juveniles can typically complete the program is LESS time than their total Probation sentence. If this happens – probation is SHORTENED. So, if the juvenile has 1 year of probation, the program can be completed in 7.5 months! The program length is extended – based on the juvenile doing what is expected, when it is expected.